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Green Concrete Leveling Co., Inc. The Original Concrete Levelers in OH is pleased to announce that they have updated their website with new features and detailed information on the services offered here. Customers can now get a free quote for leveling services. The Company takes this opportunity to announce that it has provided polyurethane foam and grout leveling services to over 200,000 customers in Northern Ohio. Greene concrete leveling is the only company to offer these materials with a lifetime guarantee. The company is licensed, insured and bonded which means clients can rely on these professionals to do a flawless job.

Greene Concrete Leveling Co., Inc. – Concrete Leveling Experts in Northeast Ohio

There is no need to spend a fortune replacing cracked or sunken concrete on the property. The leveling experts offer cost-effective alternatives for commercial and residential real estate. The team performs all types of sidewalk repairs. Whether it’s a sunken sidewalk or sidewalk pushed up by tree roots, these contractors are the only ones who can lower the concrete slabs back into place. The other exclusive service they offer is sandstone sidewalk repair. Green Concrete Leveling experts do not rip out these stones or drill them for repairs. They simply restore the original stone by leveling it manually, which is a very rare service and not common in the industry as it requires precision and patience. you lead Sidewalk repair services in ClevelandSolon, Mentor and everyone in Northeast Ohio.

The concrete planners are also experts in driveway repair and leveling. Sunken driveways can result in poor drainage, cracking in concrete, puddling, icing and the most dangerous of all trips and falls. Over time, the road blocks settle in different directions and at different speeds. It could be a construction related issue or it could be due to regular use of the driveway. While most other companies propose a replacement, Greene Concrete graders position and seal the driveway blocks. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on replacements, and more importantly, they get a guarantee on every service.

The company also offers driveway sealing services that use high-resistance caulking material to hide the cracks and prevent water from affecting the concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks. The site also provides information on how concrete planners use polyurethane for their leveling jobs. The process begins by injecting high-density, closed-cell foam under the sunken concrete slab until it rises into place and the loose soil is stabilized. Because the polymer is lightweight and erosion resistant, this material is best suited for leveling concrete. Homeowners can access their driveway instantly with a polyfoam leveling. Pressure grouting or “mud jacking” is also used to raise and stabilize the concrete. Customers are always provided with the most suitable options so that they can make the right choice based on their budget.

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Greene Concrete Leveling Co., Inc. has been a pioneer in the concrete leveling industry since 1977. The Company provides sidewalk repairs, driveway leveling services, ground leveling, road leveling, seawalls and levees, soil stabilization, decking and porches, and concrete leveling services.



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