Excellence Janitorial Cleaning Company in Pennsylvania updates website with a fresh look

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Excellence Janitorial Services, a commercial janitorial cleaning company based in Kingston, Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce that they have updated their website with a fresh look. The site now features a fun explainer video to help customers understand what these cleaning companies do and the many different services they offer, including warehouse cleaning services, office cleaning, restaurant kitchen cleaning, corporate cleaning and more. These contractors are fully registered to work and operate in the state of Pennsylvania and are also fully insured with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Customers can hire these professionals with complete confidence.

Excellence Concierge Service offers services with flexible schedules. Whether one-time cleaning or maintenance cleaning, daily cleaning or cleaning two to three times a week, the cleaning companies are available as required. The company prides itself on its employees, who strive to provide quality work and consistently exceed their customers’ expectations. In addition, they work within the budget requirements of their clients. All it takes is a phone call or the online inquiry form to arrange a viewing appointment. A free quote is also provided to help clients understand the nature and scope of the work within their budget.

Excellent concierge service

EJS as a company understands the importance of making the best first impression. And for any office, commercial, or corporate facility, their office speaks volumes about the work they do, their culture, and the people. A clean and well-kept company premises not only attracts new visitors and customers, but also keeps employees healthy and happy. This premier cleaning company in Pennsylvania helps businesses make that first and lasting impression with their cleaning services. They also offer regular maintenance services for large facilities and corporate buildings.

With the pandemic still making the rounds, it is very important for businesses to earn the trust of their employees and customers that their operating area is clean and safe. EJS offers a cleaning schedule that meets the needs of the workplace, especially in offices that work continuous shifts. From vacuuming, dusting, mopping to disinfecting, watering the plants to taking out the trash, these services can be fully customized to suit the needs of the office. Their warehouse cleaning services deserve a special mention here. With workplace safety in mind, these services are designed to keep floors, storage areas and other high-traffic areas clear, safe and clean. The cleaning companies also offer tailor-made programs depending on camp size and specific needs.

To learn more, visit https://excellencejanitorialservices.com/

About Excellence Janitorial Services

Excellent janitorial services is a family owned cleaning business based in Kingston, Pennsylvania. The Company offers office cleaning, corporate office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, restaurant kitchen cleaning, post construction cleaning, and floor cleaning and carpet extraction services. Since Amado Carias founded the company in 2014, they have built strong relationships with leading companies and trade establishments.


Excellent concierge service

Address: 210 Division St, Kingston, PA 18704

Telephone: +1-800-851-0806

Website: https://excellencejanitorialservices.com/

Excellent janitorial services

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