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GillespieShields law firm expands services to Mesa and Phoenix offices

The law firm of GillespieShields is pleased to announce that they now offer family law solutions and have expanded their services to Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona. The law firm has some of the best Mesa divorce attorneys. Although they specialize in several other practice areas, the firm’s passion has always been family law. They believe in giving families peace of mind regardless of the situation, whether it’s divorce, custody, or adoption. The company is also made up of the best Phoenix custody specialists who are always ready to fight for their customers and help them to achieve a favorable outcome.

GillespieShields law firm

Every case is unique, and Arizona divorce attorneys believe in that. During the one-on-one private consultation, the attorneys take the time necessary to understand the family’s unique situation and to answer any questions regarding the case and the best possible resolution. Phoenix child custody specialists and divorce attorneys also encourage their clients to be prepared for their questions. These family matters are very sensitive and it is natural for people to get emotional. You have made an important decision in life and need professional help to navigate the process in the right frame of mind.

That Mesa Divorce Lawyers develop an effective plan that reflects the needs of the client while keeping the best interests of the child in mind. Lawyers take a vigorous approach when representing their clients. Aside from that, they also try to keep the civility alive and help the couple get through a peaceful divorce so they can move on with a positive attitude. That Mesa Divorce Lawyers at Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb have several years of combined experience of family law practice. They are well versed in all aspects in this area and keep up to date with the differences in state divorce laws.

Marriage dissolution can be a lot more complicated than you can imagine. There are so many aspects to divorce starting with reasons for divorce, division of assets, division of debt, division of a business in a divorce, whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce, a legal separation or divorce, any prenuptial agreements involved, cheating spouses and much more spousal maintenance afterwards, not least the custody and maintenance rights for children. The Phoenix child support specialists here at GillespieShields are the best in divorce mediation and will guide their clients to fair and sustainable outcomes. The firm has AVVO ratings and badges that are nothing short of outstanding and excellent. Her commitment to effective representation and undeniable value to her clients sets her apart.

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Law Offices of GillespieShields is an Arizona-based law firm with offices in Mesa and Phoenix. The law firm specializes in family law, labor law, civil law, criminal law, probate law and immigration law. Founded in 1985 by attorney DeeAn Gillespie Strub, the firm uses its many years of experience to solve any legal problem.



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