Title IX Lawyer Protects the Rights of Students Accused of Sexual Harassment and Other Violations

A Title IX Lawyer Spartanburg protects students accused in sexual assault or other violations against the school’s code. We help students and their families navigate the complex disciplinary investigation and hearing procedures in schools throughout the country, as well as appeals that may be necessary after the school has made its decision.

A College Student Who Is Accused of Sexual Harassment or Other Violations

The statute of limitations does not apply to complaints or allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment filed against American colleges, universities and universities under Title IX. Some victims have filed complaints years after leaving university.

Title IX says that federal fund recipients are required to take “reasonable” steps to prevent sexism in their programs, activities, and programs. This includes establishing and implementing a grievance process, taking prompt, meaningful action upon receipt of a complaint, and giving equal access for both the respondents and the complainants to the process.

It is important to know that the due process requirements of Title IX require that both parties have the opportunity to present their cases and that they have an equal chance of presenting evidence and witnesses. It is important to note that schools must allow equal access to the appeals procedure for both parties, regardless who files an appeal.

A College Student With a Risky Future

There can be severe consequences if a college student is accused in a case of discrimination or sex misconduct. These consequences may include expulsion from college, suspension or expulsion, loss of scholarship funds, and possibly even having to leave campus.

In addition, there are some situations in which a college or university may be found to be in violation of Title IX and lose all or part of their federal funding as a result. The claimant can file a lawsuit against a college or university to recover damages.

An Attorney Whose Work Has a Track Record of Success

An attorney who will aggressively advocate for your rights is the best choice when you need help with school disciplinary proceedings. An experienced Title IX defense lawyer can represent you at every step of the disciplinary process, from filing the complaint to appealing a school’s decision and winning an outcome that protects your future.

Our experts and lawyers have a long history of successfully representing victims of discrimination in school and university environments. Our clients have frequently been able to obtain course final grade changes, significant tuition refunds and monetary awards, and the suspension and expulsion of perpetrators.

We have also assisted clients to win the reversal in their disciplinary actions as well as the implementation of policy change.

A defense lawyer who will protect your rights at all costs

A college or university has a legal obligation of investigating and responding to all complaints of discrimination, violence, or harassment involving sexual assault, dating rape, or gender-based sexual harassment. If you have been accused or your loved one has been accused, it is important that you get in touch with an attorney as soon possible. The delay in obtaining legal advice could have a negative affect on the outcome of your case, and could lead to you losing your rights.

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