Pros of Comparing In-Home Care Vs Nursing Homes

Many seniors will reach a point where they can no longer manage their basic needs. Families often have two options when this happens: Stay home to help their loved one or move them to a nursing center.

The decision to choose the right senior home is one that you and your family make. It should also be one that you and your health care professionals carefully consider. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll need to make the right decision for your parents.

In-home healthcare is a great option for your loved ones. They can stay in their own homes for as long time as they want. This allows them and their loved ones to retain their independence, while giving you peace of heart knowing that they will be cared for by someone who is capable of providing the highest level of care.

In-home healthcare is cheaper than nursing home services. On average, in home care fees are 42% lower for those who need the same services than nursing home rates.

In-home caregiver agencies are usually located within your community so that they can offer care to residents of your area. If you require them, these agencies can also provide services beyond your home.

They can also be a great resource if you or your loved one have a medical emergency, or need assistance with daily living activities. They can also help connect you with local resources, such home health aides, hospice services, or work with insurance companies in order to make sure you’re covered.

Some home care agencies will match your loved one with a nurse who will assess their needs and recommend a care plan that is customized to their specific needs. This will allow them to receive the attention and care they need in a way that is comfortable for them, as well as their caregiver.

These nurses are skilled in Geriatrics and can provide specialized nursing services such as individual care planning, companionship, assistance with paperwork and transportation.

A nurse can also assess whether the client is able to perform IADLs, or Instrumental Activities for Daily Living. This assessment is used to determine eligibility by insurance companies. This could include dressing, eating and bathing.

Arise Cares will also do a thorough matchmaking to find the right caregiver for you. Arise Cares has experience with your loved-one’s care needs. This allows your loved ones to trust and feel at ease with caregivers who are familiar with their lives and personalities.

Seniors who are no longer capable of taking care of their basic needs can turn to in-home care. It offers a variety of medical and non-medical services to meet the varying needs of your elderly loved one, and it can also be more cost-effective Comparing In-Home Care Vs Nursing Homes.

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