Why pet parents choose a multivitamin for their dogs

Pet owners want quality, customized products that are made specifically for their pet’s unique needs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, keeping pets has been on the rise. And pet parents are spending more time than ever with their furry friends. This close bond and psychological dependence on pets has resulted in owners paying much more attention to their pet’s health.

A 2021 study found that 95% of pet owners have made their pet’s veterinary care a priority. And 44% said their pet had more health visits than in the past 12 months (Banfield Pet Hospital, 2021).

Pet friendly

In addition to prioritizing preventative care, owners also want customized quality products that are made specifically for their pet’s unique needs. According to a recent trends report, “Dog owners are looking for functional foods that offer specific benefits, such as: B. digestive support or skin and coat health” (Pet Product News, 2022). Enter multivitamins.

An all-in-one vitamin is packed with essential nutrients to support a variety of indications, from gut issues to joint health. A variety of brands have entered the market, offering pet owners a variety of options to choose from.

A startup leading the way in preventive wellness for pets is Pet friendly. The company launched Daily, an all-in-one multivitamin for dogs, earlier this year. The pet care subscription company specializes in custom pet products that are formulated by veterinarians and made in the United States and Germany from ingredients sourced worldwide.

“We developed Daily to support the needs of all dogs at every stage of life and to exceed industry standards,” said Tracy Isenberg, LVT, veterinary technician at PetFriendly. “This multivitamin is packed with key ingredients like glucosamine, vitamin C and two complex nutrient blends for gut and digestive health.”

Daily covers four main indications for overall dog health – hip and joint support, gut and digestive health, skin and coat, and immunity and overall health. The jars are tailored to each dog’s weight and come with specific feeding instructions clearly printed next to their name and photo.

“In developing Daily, we made sure it exceeded industry standards for nutrient counts while remaining free of grains, gluten, soy, artificial colors or artificial flavors. We are excited about the benefits this multivitamin will bring to our customers in addition to our flagship flea and tick product.”

To learn more about PetFriendly, visit the website at petfriendlybox.com.

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Around: PetFriendly is a subscribed pet wellness company offering safe, effective, veterinary pet care products for dogs and cats.

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